Team Anna will not target any political party

Along with Anna team member, his village reforms have also ready to burn imaginations of many in UP with their strong feeling of removal of corruption from the nation.

This is demonstrating by two social activists from Kanpur who have been camping in Hazare’s village, Ralegan Siddhi, to learn the nitty-gritty of his village-level reforms to replicate them in their home state.

A young politician, Vivek Dixit and AK Chaturvedi, a retired professional were those who encouraged with anti-corruption activists Hazare’s struggle for a strong Lokpal bill.

Like them thousand others had organized protest rallies in Kanpur in August. In fact by using the Bhrastyachar Virodhi Jan Andolan (BVJA), the Gandhian’s success with village reforms and his fight against corruption, all studied by both when they visited Ralegan Siddhi.

Supporting Anna’s BVJA, Dixit expressed his opinion, “To fight corruption in a systematic manner, we decided to form a non political outfit named Yuva Shakti Desh Bajao Andolan and emulate Anna’s experiment in Uttar Pradesh.”

Claiming their organizational campaign against corrupt government offices in the last four month, he added, “When people come to us with specific complaints, our volunteers go to the offices concerned. At times, we send our volunteers and photographers with the complainant and take photos of the official asking for or receiving bribes and later give those pictures to the media. This is our way of trying to create a fear psychosis amongst the corrupt.”

Continuing their organizational crusade for establishing a well administrative framework, Dixit and Chaturvedi have been visited in Ralegan Siddhi, Anna’s village for the past 10 days for seeking guidance from Anna’s BVJA trust.

However the movement against corrupt offices has been received a well response by the common people and both public and organization wanted to have a well structured systematized, a proper administrative framework to continue their crusade.

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