Intel: First Lenovo Android tablet, Then Windows 8

Lenovo IdeaTab K2110 300x219 Intel: First Lenovo Android tablet, Then Windows 8Intel announced its first Lenovo tablet based on its upcoming Atom Chips named “Medfield” today and said Window 8 based tablets is due to the second half of this year.

Addressing the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Intel’s CEO Paul Otellini declared that after years of struggle by chip maker, Intel is coming in market with Atom processor smartphone.

Otellini said, “The best of Intel computing is now coming to smartphones.” He added that a Windows 8 tablet based on a next-generation Atom was on the way.

As per the report, Intel’s freshly-minted Medfield Atom processor that is powering the Lenovo K800 smart phone, is also powered the Lenovo IdeaTab K2110 tablet. Read More

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