7.6 quake hits off Indonesia, issues high alert

indonesia tsunami 300x209 7.6 quake hits off Indonesia, issues high alertToday early morning a tsunami alert has issued by Indonesia after an undersea quake.

This quake is measuring of 7.6 on the Richter scale rocked the country’s northern Aceh province.

As per source report, the province hit up at around 01.30 a.m by the tremor.

Measures the epicenter of the quake was triggered at a depth of 10 km under the seabed and at 350 km southwest of Meulaboh town.

All people living in Meulaboh and Ulele towns have been urged to keep away from the coastal areas and have started shifting to some safer areas up to one kilometre away.

The head of the province’s emergency unit, Ibnu Sa’ad informed that the authorities have ordered people to leave the coastal areas.

Moreover in December 2004 when an Indian Ocean tsunami devastated around 170,000 people were killed in Aceh province.

Its impacts were so high that the countries still bears its losses. The over all toll of the affected countries was estimated at about 230,000 people.

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