Baba Ramdev’s attacker arrested by Police, case registered

Baba Ramdev who is calling to get back the Black Money that is reservoir in other counties has being disappointed while an unidentified man threw black ink on the face of Baba Ramdev in New Delhi.

The whole incident put on work while Baba was inaugurating a press conference at the Constitutional Club in New Delhi on issue of black money and corruption today.

Being felt so ridiculous Ramdev said, “Those who fight for truth have to pay the price. We are fighting to get black money back to the country and instead I got black ink…What did I do to deserve this?”

However asked only govt. to take back the black money to the country and instead got black ink, but this incident has really disappointing him, but not discouraging.

During his conference Baba Ramdev kept discussion mainly on three issues that are of Black Money, Corruption and Change in System. All the controversy that had brought in past has been forgetting by him and he is ready to talk to govt. and Congress also for clarifying and take one decision by removing all past related problems.

As per source report, he committed, “We are ready to forget old issues and we can talk to them, but they need to clear their stand on three issues – black money, corruption, and change in the system.”

According to Baba many govt. officials are against him because he is only who put himself in front and talk about issue of being declared black money as national wealth. He also confronted that there is no problem to any political party over declaration of Black Money as national wealth except Congress.

Moreover the unidentified man who threw black ink on Baba has caught and Ramdev’s supporters slapped him repeatedly that bleeding started from his mouth. Later he took to police station and being arrested.

Baba does not think about such type of incidents and surely this will not affecting his fight against Black Money and such like odds issues. He said in a statement, “This incident wont’ affect me. We will continue to fight against the odds, come what may.”

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