Baba Ramdev Lalu Prasad Yadav 300x205 Lalu Prasad Yadav calls Baba Ramdev mental caseAfter the verbal war between Anna’s core committee team member Arvind Khejriwal and the MPs, now name of yoga icon Baba Ramdev has also added in the list.

In his recent public function in Durg in Chhattisgarh yesterday, Baba Ramdev remarked some MPs are “murderers and robbers”. He said, though there are some good members of Parliament, others are “murderers and robbers.” Read the rest of this entry…


Team Anna 150x150 Team Anna’s recording fetish comes out as a singular farceThe controversial report of friction between Team Anna tie up with Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev for a joint rally on June 3 in New Delhi has resolved by both activist through a joint meeting in Gurgaon in return of left put the sole Muslim member of core committee Maulana Shamoon Qasmi.

Report said that Qasmi expelled from team at the time while core committee members along with head Anna Hazare, were addressing a meeting in Noida. Read the rest of this entry…

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baba ramdev anna hazare 150x150 Team Anna clears no differences with Baba Ramdev In Noida, all the members of core committee of Anna Hazare met today for discussing and clarifying the issue regarding reports of a friction between Team Anna tie up with Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev for a joint rally on June 3 in New Delhi.

During the meeting, team member Mufti Shamoon Qasmi suddenly walked out without informing any one and reasoned to media that he wasn’t being heard and so it only seemed appropriate to walk out. Read the rest of this entry…

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baba ramdev 280x300 No evidence found against Baba Ramdev: Delhi PoliceThe Delhi Police today informed that there is no proof of against Baba Ramdev allegedly promotes enmity between religious groups at a press conference in January.

In last month of January, while the ink pouring incident had happened with yoga guru Ramdev, then Kamran Siddique had filed a petition in court against Ramdev to provoke his supporters to assault him.

Siddique is the suspected ink thrower who sought action against Baba Ramdev for allegedly speaking against the Muslim community and allegedly beaten up by the yoga guru’s supporters after incident.

After this case, Siddique was filled another separate case as addition to it, of promoting enmity between religious groups.

The positive response in side of Delhi police has come with direction of court which at its last hearing sought o evidence that show Ramdev to be accused for the ink pouring incident. Read the rest of this entry…

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  • Baba Ramdev behind shoe thrown at Rahul Gandhi, says Digvijay Singh

The shoe-hurling incident is now formally acting behavior of people. An attacker threw a slipper on the members of Anna Team core committee in Uttrakhand while they addressing a rally on Saturday.

And after the two days, the same act has done with Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi who is in the queue of be next Prime Minister of the country.

As per report, while Gandhi was addressing his rally at Vikasnagar in Dehradun, a person identified as Kuldeep Singh, 26, hurled shoe towards Rahul Gandhi’s dais on Monday.

Such shoe-hurling incident is raising its impact while Senior Congress leader Digvijay Singh pointed on Baba Ramdev and claimed that he was behind all shoe incidents. Read the rest of this entry…

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poonam pandey photo 241x300 Poonam Panday attacks Baba Ramdev, calls ‘Buri Nazar wala’During a press conference at the Constitution Club where Baba had visited to hold talks over the issues of black money and corruption, a person threw black ink on Baba Ramdev whose name is Kamran Siddiqui (40) who is running a non-governmental organisation ‘Real Cause’ in Okhla.

At the time when Ramdev refused to answered the question of Kamran on the 2008 Batla House encounter, he threw black ink and after that caught by Baba’s supporters and took later to Police station.

While the whole incident cooling down , Poonam Pandey , a hottest model who claimed to be nude to celebrate Indian cricket team’s World Cup victory as her fame, put fire on it by posting a statement on Twitter as make fun of Ramdev.

She wrote, “”Black` day for Ramdev: Youth throws ink on yoga guru….. is it true???”

While she heard about the news of Ramdev’s face was going to be black when NGO running man threw ink on him, she once again posted, “Someone must have miss understood the defect in Ramdev Baba`s left eye.. and must have Blackened his face ‘Boori Nazar wale tera Moo Kala’ (sic)” . Read the rest of this entry…

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Baba Ramdev who is calling to get back the Black Money that is reservoir in other counties has being disappointed while an unidentified man threw black ink on the face of Baba Ramdev in New Delhi.

The whole incident put on work while Baba was inaugurating a press conference at the Constitutional Club in New Delhi on issue of black money and corruption today.

Being felt so ridiculous Ramdev said, “Those who fight for truth have to pay the price. We are fighting to get black money back to the country and instead I got black ink…What did I do to deserve this?” Read the rest of this entry…

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