Sony Xperia S – Review

Sony Xperia S 300x263 Sony Xperia S – ReviewSony Xperia S stands out as a great Smartphone and is potential of giving tough competition to the HTC One X that was launched recently.

After the rebranding Sony went through to be known as Sony Mobile Communications, this Smartphone is worth the wait.

At the first glance itself, you can notice it resemblances to Xperia Arc and looks great.

Being the first dual core processor of this company, Sony Xperia S seems to have been given a face-lift to keep up with the steady competition that the Smartphone segment has been facing.

The 4.3-inch display supported by the Sony Bravia Model engine is surely the USP of this Smartphone. With a great built quality, the transparent strip that runs below the display (the black glass) accentuates the look of the phone largely. With not many curves but just a gentle one on the back, the phone might seem a bit manageable to some.

You are notified about a call or message with a glow in the three touch sensitive buttons. The 12 MP camera enables you to capture vivid pictures of brilliant quality. It allows you to take videos at full HD 1080p resolution at 30fps. With the 720p display, it is even more thrilling to watch the videos.

Loaded with Android Gingerbread 2.3.7 and five homescreens, which can be viewed with a pinch and tap, makes way for quicker navigation. Along with the preinstalled apps in this phone, you can use Google Play to find Sony’s Apps, which can be highly beneficial.

Sony Xperia S got it right with its built quality, design and amazing display that it provides. However, it needs to work hard on its user interface feature that pertains to functionality, to create a loyal fan base.

Summary: Sony Xperia S has a striking 720 display with the display with a Sony Bravia Model engine. The 12 MP camera and the touch sensitive buttons make it seem interesting. The Galaxies have to gear up for the competition surely …

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