Sony Xperia S yellow display issues ‘limited’: Sony Corporation

Sony Corporation, the world largest high quality definition company, is facing display issues with its first smartphone 4.3-inch Sony Xperia S.

It has been said that due to caused of temperature as phones get too warm, its screen show a slightly yellow tint which is not a good sign for Sony.

On other side, accepting it’s owned up smartphone’s display problem, Company promised that it has been corrected its manufacturing process and ensured that Yellow tint fault is limited to a “small number of units”.

Source said that the Japanese electronics giant said, “Sony Mobile Communications has identified that the display on a limited number of Xperia S smart phones may show a slight yellow tint if exposed to temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius.”

Without any cost, giant promised to pay its customer service. The customer, who has followed Xperia S an eye-offending shade of yellow after getting warm, should come at local customer service centre to resolve the issue.

“Sony Mobile Communications will resolve this at no cost to the consumer,” the company acknowledged.

Like Sony’s limited issue of display, the second largest electronics firm, Apple has also gone through this tempering non-issue with its new iPad.

After getting aside from its long-time partner Ericsson, 4.3-inch Xperia S is the Sony’s first smartphone, featuring a slightly clunky design with Yellow-hued screens display along 1,280×720-pixel display resolution powered by an old version of Android.

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