Haptics: Decoding Touch

Haptics 300x189 Haptics: Decoding TouchHaptics is a theory and field of study in itself that caters to the sense of touch, its effect, and impact and how we experience it.

Integrating Haptics with technology is the challenge that the technicians of the present generation are working to make the technology even more personalized and impactive.

The history of Haptics dates back to the days of the industrial revolution where biologists explored to understand how varied living organisms are influenced by touch. A specific field of study known as ‘Human Haptics,’ unraveled where the human hand, the dexterity it offers and its affinity to touch was comprehended.

This gave rise to the phenomenon of ‘Machine Maptics’ exploring means to transfer sensation to machines with it resulting in the invention of remote controls that are ubiquitously used today.

Computer haptics also was introduced where the feel of virtual objects could be identified by both software and the hardware. To understand Haptic technology in the most simplest form, play video games. Who has not danced to the tune of the vibrating joysticks?

All the touchscreen mobiles have been working on this notion and the manufacturers are further delving into it to make it bigger. The Nokia designers have already formulated the concept of tactile touchscreens making it possible to sense the movement in and out accordingly with two small piezoelectric sensorpads placed under the screen.

This technology is also used in the most complicated situations in medical applications, military and even in telerobotics.

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