No extra cost for Aakash from students

With a long range capability Aakash 2 tablet that is having a new protocol as result of ideas from students of IITs and engineering will easily get in and across India having no extra charges.

As per technology sector report, the scope of tablet market is rising very fast and having more in future. Seeing such boosting demand the govt. will order 70,000 improved Aakash tablets from Datawind as soon as or says next month .

Although Aakash tablet, featured by poor quality products, specifications and low battery life, had faced negative response of customers. But the upcoming improved version of Aakash tablet that is of Aakash 2 tablet will be three times faster with high range battery life from Aakash 1.
Aakash 2 version will be with upgraded prototype that provides vast quality processor with best quality picture.

By comparing features of Askash 2 with others, NK Sinha, additional secretary of HRD ministry agreed and said all future tablets will have minimum Aakash 2 specifications.

Tablet based company, Datawind has already delivered 30,000 tablets out of 1 lakh that order made by govt. However the cost of tablet would be fixed at $50 each by the company after some conditions regarding demand and supply of Aakash put by Ministry of govt.

HRD Minister Kapil Sibal confined in his statement, “We want to make sure that the upgraded product caters to the need of the customers… We have involved ITI in order to upgrade it… We will be able to bring in Aakash 2 by April.”

But Ministry also refused to give order in future to Datawind due to violation of agreement rule that was of providing the tablets first to the government before selling it in open market.

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