Attitude Daksha tablet 300x223 Attitude Daksha tablet introduces at low cost of Rs 5,399A 7-inch Attitude Daksha tablet launched by Telmoco Development Labs Pvt, signing by Technopark Technology Business Incubator (T-TBIC), to beat the several tablet market competitors, especially the government’s Aakash tablet.

Targeting the higher educational institutions, students and professionals, Attitude Daksha is to be launch at schools, professional institutions, and corporate houses, being available in the market from May 15 for Rs 5,399 inclusive of all taxes. Read the rest of this entry…


datawind tablets 150x150 Datawind sues Indian Cellular Association over defamationAs per the latest Technology news, the manufacturer of world’s cheapest tablet Aakash, Datawind has recently announced that the company has issued a legal notice to Indian Cellular Association (ICA) for ‘defaming’ the UK-based company, also releasing statements harming commercial interests of Datawind.

While talking to media, Datawind CEO Suneet Singh Tuli said, “We have sent a legal notice to them for spreading false reports against us in the media and in government meetings including places such as the department of IT.” Read the rest of this entry…

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Wishtel has recently announced to unveil its new budget tablets in the Indian electronic market. Now, this is clear that Datawind’s Aakash is set to face more competition in the manufacture of tablet sector.

Named as Ira and Ira Thing, the new tablets will cost as low as just Rs 4000.

In the meantime, Wishtel is the 2nd lowest bidder in the Aakash tablet project tender after Datawind.

For now, the company is planning to launch two variants of its tablets in the Indian electronic market. However, one variant will be operating on Android 2.2, and the other one will have Linux Sugar OS on-board. Read the rest of this entry…

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aakash tablet nepal 300x198 Aakash tablets creates makes its presence felt in Nepal tooThe India govt. is set the price of an updated version of Aakash 2 tablet at Rs.1500 that is an affordable price for each student and now its impacts is putting Nepal.

The world’s most affordable tablet computer, mainly at students, is highly demanded from all sections in Nepal. “We have got an order for 1000 units from a restaurant chain. And besides students, professionals and businessmen, many inquiries have come from rural areas and other regions for dealerships,” said Vivek Khetan of Gizmos Nepal, the sole distributors for Nepal.

Aakash tablet is manufactured by Datawind Company and has come in October last year. Due to having some problems of manufacturing, tablets demand had reduced, but now after promoting its improved version Aakash 2 in December last year, tablet had recorded 1.4 million bookings in just two weeks. Read the rest of this entry…

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With a long range capability Aakash 2 tablet that is having a new protocol as result of ideas from students of IITs and engineering will easily get in and across India having no extra charges.

As per technology sector report, the scope of tablet market is rising very fast and having more in future. Seeing such boosting demand the govt. will order 70,000 improved Aakash tablets from Datawind as soon as or says next month .

Although Aakash tablet, featured by poor quality products, specifications and low battery life, had faced negative response of customers. But the upcoming improved version of Aakash tablet that is of Aakash 2 tablet will be three times faster with high range battery life from Aakash 1. Read the rest of this entry…

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Classpad tablet 300x213 Classpad tablet out to compete with Aakash tabletClasspad called Classteacher Learning Systems based in Delhi, is the Askash’s commercial version, UbiSlate 7 tablet, and has been launched as a rival for Askash in competitive market.

However Aakash tablet, which aimed to revolutionaries’ education for the poor in the country, is the world’s most affordable tablet.

A fresh report released by Business Standard, “Classpad, developed by an educational solution provider, is a new entrant to the segment already popularized by Aakash. The tablet will provide educational solutions based on the NCERT syllabus. Students will be able to use and download 7,000 education applications on the cloud.”

Although it has been cleared that the OS of this tablet will be Android, but the version of Android will Classpad run has not been specified. Read the rest of this entry…

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