Is Nirmal Baba’s family ashamed of him!

One man, who is recently being the godman of a big crowd of thousands of followers in India, is facing a huge disappointment from his own family members.

Yes, we talk about the most cheated guru Nirmal baba who has made fool a lot of number of innocent people via giving his falseness and unpretended advice.

The Fraud Guru’s family does not want to link name of any family member with him. As per his elder brother Manjit Singh Narula, family do not have any connection with Nirmal Baba as they seem to be ashamed of his deeds.

Talking to media, family claimed that Nirmal Baba left their home after completing his studies and used to stay in Jharkhand with their sister.

Nirmal Baba, who has amazing talent to impress people and become his followers, can easily take any amount of fee for his falseness advice.

Source said, 10 per cent of the salary had been charged by Baba from all those people who come to him in believe to have a solutions of their problems and Rs 2,000 was his fixed fee for a follower to be a part of his commune, ‘samagam’.

Baba has also charged under the illegal processing of black market for his ‘samagam’ ticket that is registered at Rs 5,000 in black market.

Bihar Police is in wait to move up a court seeking an arrest warrant to be issue against Nirmal Baba in charge of criminal and forgery and as soon as possible take him into jail, for being left the other people to be fooled.

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