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Court order to register case against Nirmal Baba

Seeming, bad days came in life of godman Nirmal Baba who cheated lakhs of people through his improbable solutions, fooling by creating fear of religion and in return took a big amount of money for shake of god. Recently the Chief Judicial Magistrate (CJM) Rajesh Upadhyaya of local court ordered Luknow police to file FIR [...]

Is Nirmal Baba’s family ashamed of him!

One man, who is recently being the godman of a big crowd of thousands of followers in India, is facing a huge disappointment from his own family members. Yes, we talk about the most cheated guru Nirmal baba who has made fool a lot of number of innocent people via giving his falseness and unpretended [...]

‘I’m special’ accepts turnover of Rs 235 crore: Nirmal Baba

The Controversial spiritual guru Nirmal Baba has come up for the first time, and broke his silence in front of media. There are news in media on the income of Nirmal Baba and doubts over alleged ability to perform miracles. But, Nirmal Baba denied all such allegations and told media that he had never claimed [...]