Google, Samsung launches new version of Chromebook

On a joint effort, Google and Samsung will try to make driver of world’s computer operating system by Google’s popular Chrome Web browser manned to Samsung’s lightweight laptops.

Their effort is showed when the world watch a new look at the upgraded new version of ‘Chromebook’ — based web browser Chrome- with no hard drive.

The new upgraded Chromebooks will prove as a big opportunity for Google and Samsung to persuade their business growth, providing consumers an unconventional computer instead of machines running systems of Microsoft Corp and Apple Inc.

Releasing the next generation OS, the company said that Google‘s Chromebooks don’t have a hard drive, while facilitates like terminals that are Internet dependent.

Connecting via Internet, Chromebooks is only run through Wi-Fi and USD 549 with a machine has a 3G network. It has been said that like the original Chromebooks, the next-generation machines supports a 12.1-inch screen display and run on an Intel processor.

Samsung lightweight laptops, manned by Chromebooks come with 16 GB flash memory as like smartphones, tablet computers, however arleast two USB ports plugged into machines providing hard disk drive.

Despite, this new Chromebooks does not succeed to hit the market since it journey started a year ago in comparison of Apple that have huge consumers for its iPad ball, the main reason to have fewer facilities than tablets.

But Google disgraced all by saying that it always tried to follow slow and steady win the race with the Chromebooks that help to engineers by giving time to understand and make the necessary improvements in machines.

In addition, the partners also plan to release a “Chromebox” that can be plugged into a display monitor as equivalent of PC, which will cost of $329. To get this new version of Chromebooks and latest Chromebox, users have to go online because it can be done available via online mode.

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