Internet content censorship in India up 49%, says Google

As per latest report of world biggest internet leader Google that In India, online censorship hit a fast increasing record in the second half of last year with 49 per cent and as per giant, government is responsible for all this.

The trend of blockage were increasing from governments round the world as Google said it has received more than 1,000 worldwide requests to remove material or links such as YouTube videos and search listings, source said.

“We noticed that government agencies from different countries would ask us to remove political content that the users had posted,” top Google official told reporters.

Further added, the number of content removal requests received by Google in India was 49 per cent higher, while no publication of Indian government request were made in the Google Inc transparency report.

Because of the repeat requested from Government around the globe, the company under much pressure with its working operations.

Major reason has to target political profile ministers, posting offensive comments over them. As per information provided from media persons, Google said that received Pakistan’s Ministry of Information of Technology requested for net blockage including six YouTube videos that satirised the country’s politicians.

The company official told reporters, in condition to make his name anonymous that US also asked Google to remove the contents including six YouTube videos calling a terror inspiration and 149 videos for allegedly insulting the monarchy in Thailand.

Google Inc reported that as per valid requested it had complied 43 % cases and also hoped continuous contribution but depend on government behaviours over web.

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