Twitter modifies its website and apps

As per the recent reports, one of the fastest growing social networking sites, Twitter is all set to offer new features to its users with a major redesign.

Further, Twitter has started adding the new website slowly, as updates to apps, both iOS (iPhone only for now, iPad coming soon) and Android are already added at the site. The new look of the website has pushed the tweet window back to the right side of the screen.

Moreover, now there are three new tabs on the main screen, showing Home, Connect and Discover. The social networking site has tried to break itself to some small parts.

Home will be user’s typical timeline with regular tweets, photos and videos. And, Connect tab will be used to Mentions, Retweets and Favourited tweets. Now, this is the place where users get benefit. Finally, the Discover tab lets you see who to follow, find friends and browse categories.

Twitter will be used for Direct Messages from the Profile, itself. The ‘Me’ tab is the place where you send and get Direct Msgs. The mobile apps too have the three new buttons, Home, Connect and Discover.

They will also have the ‘Me’ button where you can have access to your stats, direct messages and settings. If you do not have the new Twitter design, yet, but still want to see what it’s all about, check out the video below.

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