Bollywood expresses their protest against censorship of Internet

As per fresh reports, the Union telecom minister Kapil Sibal has got a lot criticism from Bollywood industry following his actions on the censorship of social-networking websites.

Here follows some of them, as posted by Bollywood celebrities on their social networking sites or blogs.

Minissha Lamba tweeted: ‘On 1 hand India is prepping 2b a superpower.On d other myopic ‘leaders’ parade their state-run-censorship stance.China or USA. Be 1 nt both’

Shekhar Kapur wrote: ‘In a democracy Govt has 2 publicly define wht is offensive, n prove it libelous in court before it can b taken off. Technolgy fr google facebook n twitter is so simple now tht thousand sites will replace 1 thats taken down.’

Kunal Kohli didn’t sound too happy either. ‘India is the greatest democracy. Kapil Sibal wants to curb this freedom of speech/ won’t & can’t happen.wake up know your people. Instead of attacking rising prices, inflation, corruption, terrorism, unemployment, why is Kapil Sibal attacking Facebook, twitter & google ?! Wasn’t content ‘screened’ in the late 70′s too ? What was that dark period called ? Oh ya … Emergency ! History we don’t want to repeat!’ he updated.

Sandhya Mridul tweeted: ‘Hahhaha Idiot Kapil Sibal trending I just love Twitter at times like this.’

R Madhavan feels he is doing for attention. ‘Okey-Mr. Kapil Sibal is seriously trying to get some silly attention by trying to curtail and regulate the net. Seriously. What is the intent? Do we really want to be like China or North Korea. Look at the personality of these govt. They are ruthless and rule with a iron hand.’

Shobhaa De tweeted: ‘Sibalsaab,such outrage 2 protect privacy of one ‘Madam’ in a country of 100million internet users?We like our freedom and we shall have it!’

Vishal Dadlani thinks it will end democracy. ‘How long before they make the short hop from censorship to fascism? If we allow this, say goodbye to democracy, + all that India stands for,’ he wrote.

Ranvir Shorey tweeted: ‘Anyone who would riot over anonymous content on the web is someone who would riot anyway. I think Freedom is without Conditions, but with Consequences.’

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