Anonymous hacking group takes on India internet ‘censorship’

Ahead of few hours of its preplanned protest against internet censorship in India, the hacker group Anonymous attacked on the website of the India’s CERT-I n agency dealing with cyber security.

Recent hacking of the Computer Emergency Response Team India (CERT-I n ) website has done by using DDoS the distributed denial of service attack that stop users from site access.

Beside it, another government websites has hacked by the group including Internet Service Providers Association of India, All-I ndia Trinamool Congress and Reliance Communications.

It has been reported that the official website of MTNL has also downed via the using same DDoS attack on Wednesday, ensuring that Indian Internet sites never to be safer.

Posting on twitter on its account @opindia _revenge, the group said, “This is your response team #india ! They can’t even protect themselves. How will they protect others.”

“We willkeep attacking http :// certin .org .in and http :// india .gov .in ! #GOI, ready to face ups and downs?” the hackers further wrote.

Internet activists, Anonymous have been organizing protests across 16 cities in India, including Chennai and Mumbai on charge of internet censorship in the country.

According to source, the agitators who are in support of this protest against Government has covered their faces by a sea of Guy Fawkes masks symbol of the Anonymous

Calling it an hacking of freedom to openly speak online, the group said that the protest against India’s internet laws was represent the “common man” simply online users trying to make a point.

Series of attacking official websites by “Hackliest” group started after as per direction of the Madras high court, internet service providers (ISPs ) blocked video sharing and file sharing websites on 17 May. The order was against Internet Piracy, had not linked with blocking of sites by the ISPs along with contained material posted by other users.

Moreover, there are lots of supports for Anonymous by ordinary users who join the group on the Twitter and Facebook to be part of peaceful protests against censorship in India.


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