Petrol Price Hike: Bharat bandh hits rail traffic and normal life

Right now “Bharat bandh” call by the NDA and the Left parties, the common man life with economy started affecting from early morning due to lack of any services even rail traffic also hit as all other parties including worker unions are come to be part of protest.

With lots of anger, today the UPA government has to face its result by moving hike petrol prices, the entire India is set to stop working. There would be no transport, all the shops would be closed, only a voice to “immediate roll-back in the petrol prices”.

While indicating the situation in national capital Delhi, source reported, there is a great hit of transport services. Around 55,000 autos and 15,000 taxis unions have to join the bandh with stay off the road.

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) that has called a UP Bandh threatened government to block road at about 100 areas across the city, that directly affect the normal life.

The party is protesting against the unexpected hike petrol price with slogans ‘Congress Ka Haath Mehgaai Ke Saath’. Interacting with reporters, BJP leader Sanjay Joshi said he will protest near the Akshardham temple in Delhi. Even in Kolkata, the East-West by-pass route has blocked by the protesters.

Beside , Bollywood city Mumbai will not too affected via Bandh like Delhi as the auto rickshaws, taxis, BEST buses and railway unions refused to join strike in Mumbai as normal life would not be affected.

But it has been said that the most powerful Shiv Sena Party is in force to call for a bandh in some of its strongholds.

However like BJP, other parties also joining the protests as Samajwadi Party and JD(U) workers blocked rail routes in Allahabad and Patna, hit rail traffic. The Saket Express and Ganga Gomti Express were stopped in Allahabad, as per media information.

Joining with protesters, the social activist Anna Hazare has also enforced his team to support the Bharat Bandh, as against Congress.

A petrol price has risen by Rs 7.50 per litre that is the biggest hike from past 10 years. All the Opposition allies with NDA, SP, JD and the Left has decided to call for a Bharat bandh after government’s this move, in wake to protest against Congress.

Meanwhile, overall blame is on Congress to be responsible for inflation and increased petrol price and also thinking of hike prices of LPG and diesel. The Bandh is for a demand to roll-back in the petrol prices.

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