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TMC’s Goondaraj: Party activists chop off Panchanyat employee’s ear

In a much horrible, Trinamool Congress activist chopped off the ear of a gram panchayat employee in West Bengal’s Murshidabad district. Read more

Trade Union Strike Day 2: Financial sector worse hit, Normal life out of gear

Being continued on the second consecutive day of the Bharat Bandh Trade union strike on Thursday, badly hit Indian economy especially banking and financial sector operations. Read more

Bharat Bandh Today: a Nationalwide Strike over UPA reform

Bharat Bandh 150x150 Bharat Bandh Today: a Nationalwide Strike over UPA reform Thursday, there is a stoppage on the life of Indian people due to a national wide protest “Bharat Bandh” call by Opposition parties, an ire movement against UPA govt. to take decide of fuel price hike and FDI in retail.

All the Party panel from Left to BJP, except Shiv Sena, have protested in major cities over the toughest UPA decision to hike Read more

Petrol Price Hike: Bharat bandh hits rail traffic and normal life

Right now “Bharat bandh” call by the NDA and the Left parties, the common man life with economy started affecting from early morning due to lack of any services even rail traffic also hit as all other parties including worker unions are come to be part of protest.

With lots of anger, today the UPA government has to face its result by moving hike petrol prices, the entire India is set to stop working. Read more


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