Serial Blast in heart of Iraq Capital, triggers massive lose of lives

A serial twin bomb blasted central Baghdad, Iraq capital, within minutes on Thursday when an apparently coordinated battle triggered by gunmen with security forces, officials told reporters.

Fresh reports informed death of 18 who made target of the serial blast, while at least 50 have severe injuries.

The incident has happened near Baghdad’s Allawi area, the center of city and very close to the zone where several foreign embassies, justice ministries and Iraqi government offices houses.

Situation is still very sensitive, chances are more to another clash as around six gunmen who has covered with police uniforms are still holed up inside, source said.

One blast erupted near the four story building housing the Justice Ministry where more than 1,000 people had inside before a suicide car bomber blew himself.

All the injured have been admitted into the hospital for treatment. The investigations are on, but hinted that al-Qaida’s Iraq arm behind the attack.


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