Trade Union Strike Day 2: Financial sector worse hit, Normal life out of gear

Being continued on the second consecutive day of the Bharat Bandh Trade union strike on Thursday, badly hit Indian economy especially banking and financial sector operations.

All the trade union- organized and unorganized sector- are protesting against UPA government economic policies, even workers from the transport, mandi and mining sector have also participated and others will follow it today.

Normal life in several states is badly affected as shops, markets, transport even schools and colleges in some part of India have closed, while in Kerala services have completely closed and public transport is off in states such as Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh.

Just first day, the strike of Trade Union lead to the loss of Rs 26,000 crore to India’s economy, only in Bhopal, banking business worth Rs 67,000 crore has affected.

Calling two-day strike a successful, Joint front of trade unions (JFTU) told reporters, “Employees in banking, insurance and others areas of organised sector struck work on day one. The strike was successful in unorganised sector also.”

The situation is more complicated after death of bus driver Narender Singh, the Treasurer of AITUC in Ambala and violent protest in Noida near Delhi resulted in destruction of industrial properties, whose impact put on other states.

As per reports, at least 71 people have been arrested for damaging factories at a hosiery complex and setting 25 vehicles, including a fire brigade, on fire.

Meanwhile, Union leaders refused to be responsible for the huge loss of the economy and accused government not to fulfill their demands including rise Pension services, wage price of the minimum wage Rs.10,000 per month along with daily allowance.

Situation has said to worse as workers at Maruti and Honda factories in Gurgaon are also reported expected to join the strike, and crowd become a blast when lost of porters, transporters and traders will join today.

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