Malware threat may hit the Internet on Monday

Millions of Internet users may be disappoint from lose of accessing the web on July 9 because of malicious software known as a “Domain Name System Changer” or “DNSChanger”

However still it is not confirm how many PCs are infected by Virus, but experts believes to make reduction of this by the extraordinary outreach by law enforcement.

Although campaigning by security groups and the online giants Google and Facebook, in wake to warn people about the malicious software, Estonian hackers installed it.

The malware effects is the hacking process in which threats is on DNS. The hackers hacked it and make users at risk of losing the internet access, even sending mails. DNS servers are computer switchboards that direct Web traffic.

Virus infected warning is also issued by the US Federal Bureau of Investigation to the Internet service providers.

In November 2011, US authorities had ordered to run off the software, but after a successful attempt to stop a crooked advertising operation by FBI that was hijacking computers and sending them to unauthorized websites, US and Estonian authorities decided to work with FBI under an unusual arrangement.

By this, infected machines were still continuously accessing the Internet, but that was temporary.

It has been reported that for facing the problem of Alureon malware as the “Internet Doomsday” virus, the FBI set up a special website as a safety net. Under which Internet providers have made some temporary arrangements to take over for the malicious servers and keep their users in touch with their Internet using the address of the rogue DNS servers.

Earlier this week around the world, about 245,000 computers worldwide were still infected by Alureon, down from about 360,000 in April, according to source.

There are several users those are still not know that whether their computers have the malware. So before Monday, firstly users have to identify and also clean up virus from PCs that is possible by running a diagnostic test offered by several groups of security sites, otherwise they will lose their ability to go online. They can call their service providers for help about the Internet or go on a website: