3.2% growth in Indian GDP due to Internet: Google

In the session of web at the 11th India Today Conclave that addressed in New Delhi, the Facebook India head, Kirthiga Reddy and Rajan Anandan, country head, Google, both were remarked their views over the upcoming web revolution.

The area of Web is going to be so much vast that it is difficult to predict what has happened within next moment. Today with a strong appearance, Facebook and Google are big ticket web companies which similar with each other as “Both want what the other has.”

As an opener of the session Kallie Purie discussed the much dependability of our lives online through Facebook accounts and incessant tweets.

Following Purie’s speech, head of Facebook, Reddy much lighten the importance of community initiatives on how web revolution centered people at one place, especially those based in rural areas that is only possible through Facebook, a site recording 800 million users.

In argumentum of Anandan, the innovation through traditional media targeting the consumer who was the ultimate king is totally disgraced at the filed of E-Commerce in India had hit the $ 6 billion mark in 2011.

He expressed importance of Web to fulfill faster dreams of people who wants to grow and earn more as small and medium-scale businesses through online, rather than know the world contents.

The Google record 3.2 per cent of GDP from web that is only set to grow because Internet is the one stage that stops shop for all needs, not just social networking. Google main motive is to get the next million net users to log on rather than focusing who will win the web.

“When we think of the next five years, we must think of how much value we can move into the web and out of other ecosystems for our customers,” he said while participating in the session.


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