Facebook games turning kids into gamblers

Being addicted of using Facebook can turn children into lifelong problem gamblers and this would happen because of permitting them to play Las Vegas-style casino games on sites, as per experts’ reports.

Presently, as per law age limit for gambling in the UK is 18 years, but Youth, especially ageing 13 or over, at their home are using their “virtual” money coins on online gambling games such as betting, including roulette, slot machines and card games.

They are wasting money in pitching jackpot with slot machine, gaming on their PCs and mobile phones.

According to reports, addiction experts have now claimed the games can encourage children to becoming habitual, but “problem” gamblers, assuming a totally harmless fun.

“This is a really rapidly-moving area. We need to think through very carefully any risks that it presents particularly for young people,” Mandy Barrie, policy and development director, said, as per source report.

Shocking, but true, social sites are early exposure to gambling and developing a long-term, life-long risk in adulthood.

Talking with media persons, a Facebook spokesman said, “In addition to complying with local law, all applications on Facebook are required to operate within the bounds of our developer guidelines.”

Now before gambling, users of Facebook must certify that they are over age of 13, report said. Facebook has hundreds of virtual slot machine and poker games such as Jackpotjoy, Slotomania and DoubleDownCasino.

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