Blue Moon: Rare scene lights up sky

Blue Moon 150x150 Blue Moon: Rare scene lights up skyOn Friday night people awaits an uncommon event when they will able to observe the second full moon in the month of August 31, 2012.

This process of blue moon is also called blue moon and it will occur after three years.

It is said that the amazing event last occurred in December 2009.

However, the Blue Moon is not actually blue; it is only called so due to its rare phenomenon.

The name ‘Blue Moon’ in this form is folklore popularised by astronomy writers to draw attention to the double full moons in a calendar month.

While talking to media, Senior Contributing Editor for Sky and Telescope magazine, Kelly Beatty said, “In modern usage, the second full Moon in a month has come to be called a ‘Blue Moon.’ But it’s not!”

He said, “This colourful term is actually a cylindrical goof that worked its way into the pages of Sky and Telescope back in March 1946, and it spread to the world from there.”

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