Burn US consulates and kill diplomats in Muslim countries: Al Qaeda

al Qaeda 150x150 Burn US consulates and kill diplomats in Muslim countries: Al QaedaWaves of Anti-American violence in Middle East sparked across the world as al-Qaeda’s Yemen-based branch on Saturday asked worldwide Muslim community to attack and kill more U.S. diplomats in Muslim countries.

The current most active branch of al-Qaeda urged people to increase their protesting weapons over anti-Islamic film depicts “another chapter in the crusader wars” against Islam.

“Let the step of kicking out the embassies be a step towards liberating Muslim countries from the American hegemony,” an al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) website said.

They urged people to burn the more American embassies as they “are more capable of doing harm” and it is easier to reach the enemy and kill them.

The statement come over anti-Islamic protesters attacked on US consulate in the Libyan city of Benghazi after issuing order for promoting U.S.-based Coptic-Christian producing film which claims to mock the Prophet Mohammad and offensive against Muslims sentiments.

Moreover, a huge negative reaction in form of protest in Muslims against U.S. diplomats and European embassies has to be seen in several Muslim countries over anti- Islam online video.

Reports said, in Paris, more than dozen protesters protested outside the US Embassy, demanding banning the film and criticizing US diplomatic posts.

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