Cobrapost’s Operation Red Spider: ICICI suspends 18 employees,RBI probing

Sensational exposition of money laundering allegations against three private banks has left out 18 employees of ICICI from the bank, suspending them.

The suspension is pending the ICICI’s probe into the graft case allegations, source said.

Three banks- HDFC, ICICI and Axis are being investigated at high level command. ICICI claimed to be submitted the report in two weeks.

The incident enlighten on Thursday when a Cobrapost online portal claimed to have solid evidence against trio alleging into money laundering.

Cobrapost played out sting operation ‘Operation Red Spider’ footage, source said, which showed branches of banks revealed laundering methods to the undercover reporter.

They receive large sums of cash to convert black money into white money in form of their investment schemes through benami accounts in violation of anti-money-laundering laws, source said.

Meanwhile, now the case moved to RBI as the center bank along with finance ministry is investigating the scandal following the allegations of Cobrapost on basis of video footage.


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