Delay in justice a major challenge: CJI Altamas Kabir

As per latest political news, the respected Chief Justice of India Altamas Kabir on Sunday that major problems faced under the criminal justices was delay ‘where the entire process takes almost 15-16 years’.

CJI Altamas Kabir was sharing his views with media while delivering Justice PD Desai memorial lecture in Ahmedabad on ‘Administration of Criminal Justice’.

He said, “Today a major problem is delay where the entire process, from the time when an offence is registered to the stage of final conviction, takes almost 15 to 16 years.”

Mr. Kabir said, “I hope everybody involved in the process would perform their duty to expedite the wheels of justice.”

During his speech, he said that all those are involved in such would perform their duty so that justice could be done.

Altamas Kabir Delay in justice a major challenge: CJI Altamas Kabir

While elaborating the challenges in administration of criminal justice He said, “….this (delay) is the main thing which bothers judiciary. And because of inordinate delay, sometimes we see angry reaction from public feeling that something should be done immediately.”

Further, talking about the gang rape incident in national capital last year, he said, “One such incident took place on December 16 last year in Delhi. First reaction was let us set up fast track courts for the offences against women and girls.”

CJI Altamas Kabir said, “On January 2, first fast track court was set up in one of the district in New Delhi to take up such cases. Then you might have come across media reports that trial in one case was completed in 9 days and trial completed in another case in 13 days.”

He added, “Something like this happens and people start reacting. It is a knee jerk reaction…But one cannot blame anyone part of the system. Look at the large population we have, which is at present 1.20 billion and it is increasing.”

Later, highlighting the ground reality of India, he said, “Where do we stand in regards to the Judge Population ratio? In USA, there are 125 judges for 1 million citizens and in India we have 6 judges for 1 million.”

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