End of RSS: Google shutting down its Reader on July 1, part of ‘spring cleaning’

Set to hit with fresh Google’s initiative step that killing the most popular the Reader applications, axes on it along with seven other services under a house cleaning campaign “spring cleaning”.

As part of initiative which help to make better focus its efforts, and another clean-up round has closed 70 of the Internet giant’s features since 2011 including Last spring, Page and Co. retired iGoogle and Google Mini.

Google’s RSS delivery service Google Reader, help to keep updates to favored websites using RSS feeds, would be retired on 1 July, as per company announcement.

Good is that user can to export their data, including subscriptions by using Google Takeout tool.

Beside this, the Mountain View-based company is likely to be axed the Google Voice app for BlackBerry next week, while Google Cloud Connect, Google Building Maker that provide 3-D models of structures for the Internet firm’s online maps will also ended.

“These changes are never easy. But by focusing our efforts, we can concentrate on building great products that really help in their lives,” Google told reporters.


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