Facebook to undergo privacy checks for 20 years

According to latest news, the most used social networking site, Facebook will now undergo to 20-years of regular privacy checkup including other penalties, as announced by the Federal Trade Commission [FTC] in its finalized statement.

As per the FTC decision, Facebook must achieve permission before sharing a user’s information with advertising groups, which is quite different from its present privacy settings. The FTC also bars Facebook from misrepresenting its privacy and security practices again.

The FTC report has the same guidelines as it implemented on Google in 2011.

Federal Trade Commission faulted Facebook in last year for the manner it managed users’ private data, and permits information to the third-party apps.

The FTC report said, “Among other slip-ups, in December of 2009, Facebook changed its site in ways, which resulted in the private information of users being available to the public.”

The FTC charged the social networking site with faking the type of information is shared with advertisers. The FTC said, “The social site wasn’t clear with users about the fate of their photos and videos, upon deletion of their accounts, as some of the content didn’t disappear, contrary to what the site states.”

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