Government keen to launch a GPS wrist watch for women

As much waiting of India’s ultra low-cost Aakash tablet, IT and Telecom Minister Kapil Sibal has decided to launch another cheap and effective technological device for the women’s security.

Aiming to keep modern technology at hands of each customer, the government has slashed Aakash Tablet PC price and will now make available at Rs 1500 apiece and another target is of cut-edge tech option for women in the country.

The new ‘low-cost revolutionary device’ for women’s security will be a GPS-enabled wristwatch which will sport video graph, an alarm and call up dedicated lines.

Delhi Gang-rape Incident which triggered nationwide protests demanding measures to ensure women’s safety and stricter laws in the country is the initiative behind the decision to launch GPS-based wrist watch.

“As we look into the 21st century, we realise that there are several areas where we need to be self-reliant. Super computing is of exceptional importance one such area. I see C-DAC as a technology leader in the world. India should provide technological solutions to the world,” Sibal told reporters at an event in Delhi.

GPS system which capable of capturing videos is reported to be give to Indian customers for less than Rs. 1,000 apiece for their safety,

Low cost revolutionary device is expected to be ready by mid-2013 and available at end of this year.

Sibal revealed that the government has already reached out to telecom equipment manufacturer ITI to manufacture the GPS-enabled wristwatch and will provide at the cheapest price below Rs. 1000. The government is in keen to take benefits from C-DAC skills in the direction of providing cheap and effective technological options at affordable prices to people.

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