Jism-2: Sunny Leone and Randeep Hooda in the film

The new released song of Pooja Bhatt’s upcoming film Jism 2- Yeh Kasoor, shows Sunny Leone and Randeep Hooda getting intimate with each other, looks they enjoyed the scene.

However, the promos of the film Jism 2 are banned by the Censor Board for the release on television. It is creating sparks on Internet.

Now, if talked about the film, Sunny Leone plays a role of porn star in the film and she is gets hired by an intelligence officer [Arunoday Singh] to arrest dreaded assassin [Randeep Hooda].

Jism 2 has many kissing and intimate scenes between Sunny Leone and Randeep Hooda.

The music of the film ‘Jism 2’ is being composed by Arko Pravo Mukherjee, a surgeon by profession.

In addition to this, Pakistani band Rushk has composed the song Darta Hoon and Abdul Baasith Saeed from Maldives has composed a song called Hey Walla.and, Mithoon composed the song ‘Yeh Kasoor’.

Sunny Leone is making her debut in Bollywood with Jism 2, and she is keen to be a part of Bollywood.

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