Kejriwal’s ‘Jail Bharo’ protest outside Parliament police station, Anna unaware

Today, IAC member Arvind Kejriwal staged outside Parliament police station in early morning and ready to court arrest, calling ‘Jail Bharo’ protest against government.

However, with their recent move, they accused Delhi Police to harass IAC volunteers against whom the FIR registered and arrested then after August 26 agitation. Kejriwal is demand not to torcher them in wake of evidence.

Shockingly, about Kejriwal’s protest which is come outside Parliament, Social activist Anna Hazare does not know anything, totally unknown of Kejriwal’s call for Court arrest.

“I am not aware of Kejriwal’s call for courting arrest in Delhi,” Anna said, as per source, even Kiran Bedi too be spare from this matter and not want to be a part of this protest.

Former Anna’s colleague Kejriwal is set on stage along with Prashant Bhushan, Manish Sisodia, Kumar Vishas, Gopal Rai and several other protesters, claiming that police were torching detained protesters and if volunteers could not take out in bail, then they will surrender before the Delhi.

“They will not take bail but will go to jail”, an IAC leader, Bibhav Kumar told reporters.

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