Haier’s High Definition, Transparent Eye-controlled TV launch in IFA

Now a newly eye-controlled TV has showcased in IFA by the Haier with collaboration of Tobii, a Swedish firm which developed eyes tracking technology. This latest computer control product is called Gaze TV.

Such high definition tech Gaze television is able to control users’ eyes movements with help of a prototype sensor, provide a natural real world look to make full control of users interfere with a 55-inch glasses-free LED with 28 viewing angles and 3D Multi-View.

This table tap sensor is set between the users and screen monitoring the eye movements that offer an amazing technology to sit and make chances as per your own choice, only just one look at TV make a 3D gesture control system.

Interestingly, viewers can change channels, volume and any other functions by staring at the icons on the screen as sensor controls with a gap between gaze and blink, offering a remote control appearance, reports said.

Such High definition 3D transparent TV is more suitable for disabled persons to experience without making any physical movement. The system which is used helps “the viewer is able to scroll through textual information or contextual menus at the speed desired while watching a programme”, the company told reporters.

By Tobii collaboration, Haier’s can get a definite top market position by enhancing its product profile with latest tech development.

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