Missed House photo-op leaves Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee moping

It is being shocked that driver of the Indian parliamentary rules and procedures, the Finance Minister and Leader of the Lok Sabha Pranab Mukherjee who is a phenomenal personality, was left out of the historic photo-op for the parliamentarians on Wednesday.

In a group photo of more than 700 MPs got together, marked the 60th anniversary of Parliament was taken in absence of the most experienced and influential man in the UPA-II.

As per report, any detail regarding Wednesday’s photo-op was neither given to Mukherjee not his office personnel that result his absent and became him upset.

Dismissing this blame, Lok Sabha members said from past continuous four days, group photo’s announcement was carried in the Lok Sabha bulletin from May 11.

“The staff usually marks such engagements. It is a lapse on the part of Mukherjee’s office,” a source told reporters.

Source said, in a photo frame, around 30 to 40 ministers and MPs including BSP chief Mayawati and actress-MP Rekha were also missed.

But Mukherjee is said too wanted to be a part of the picture that was taken on such a historic occasion. However, Parliamentary Aaffairs Minister P. K. Bansal, tried to remind Mukherjee by SMS, but by then the President had arrived and work of photo shoot had started.

“By the time I discovered that he had not arrived, the president had almost arrived,” minister told source.

Moreover, nothing had been organized properly. Seating arrangements were bad as no one know where was to be seated as one was seat in other arranged seating and scoured for another. Source said, Cabinet minister K. C. Chandra Deo found some junior minister occupying his chair and had to sit in a seat of a minister of state.

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