Mitt Romney records victory in Wisconsin

Mitt Romney, a strong nominee for the White House, has defeated his rival Rick Santorum in the battle of presidential primary in Maryland and the US capital Washington and in Wisconsin.

Sweeping three primaries with a triple win, Wisconsin was the most important platform in the Republican race for Romney where he thumped Santorum with margin of 4 % votes.

In Wisconsin, Santorum campaigned with a full force of power over the last week and this loss gave him a big shock.

“Thank you to Wisconsin, Maryland and Washington, DC. We won them all! This really has been quite a night,” Romney said, according to source report.

He further added, “We’ve won a great victory tonight in our campaign to restore the promise of America.”

Now triple win has pushed Romney’s campaign into a new phase to challenging President Barack Obama in November that Santorum would carry into May, after marking victory in his home state of Pennsylvania, which votes later in April.

Obama is ready to come in the election campaign. According to him, Romney denied “social Darwinism”, putting attention on top wealthy class.

Source said that Obama rebuked Romney and said the Republican candidate is seeking to institute such a budget on “day one of his presidency.”

Obama’s “government-centered society” is always targeting by Romney. While questioning about Obama’s govt., he reportedly said, “There’s no question that under this president, this recovery has been the most tepid, the weakest, and the most painful since the beginning of our recorded economic history.”

Moreover, by sweeping three primaries, Romney come at the position of hitting more than halfway to 1,144 delegates by winning 24 out of 37 contests. This 1,144 delegates must be essential for him win the Republican flag-bearer at the party’s national convention in Tampa, Florida in August.

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