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Bergoglio, the new Pope Francis from ‘the end of the earth’

Marking a historical move in a stunned manner,  the College of Cardinals on Wednesday elected a new Pope from America, Argentine Jorge Bergoglio given papal name Francis. Read more

North Korea conducts third “Successful Nuke Test’, sparks UN flak

It has been seemed that North Korea is all set to enjoy another flak round from United Nation as the country announced that it had successfully carried out third underground nuclear test. Read more

US President Barack Obama set for Public Inauguration

US President Barack Obama will start his second term publically as his swearing in ceremony will hold today on the steps of the US Capitol.

The world’s most powerful political leader, Obama will on second time take oath in public inauguration as US President, following a formal intimate swearing-in ceremony at the White House Blue Room on Sunday. Read more

Obama raises presidential power to bypass Congress on guns

Amid legislative war with a “dysfunctional” Congress, US President Barack Obama’s launching of the passage of new gun laws proved that he can take several major steps without Congress, bypassing it. Read more

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