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North Korea conducts third “Successful Nuke Test’, sparks UN flak

It has been seemed that North Korea is all set to enjoy another flak round from United Nation as the country announced that it had successfully carried out third underground nuclear test. Read more

North Korea threatens U.S, vowing third nuclear test, more launches

North Korea today announced its plan to test nuclear weapon and more rocket launches against United States as the “sworn enemy” reasoning to tightened UN sanctions.

As per media reports, North Korea warned to launch a third nuclear test and cleared that it would also designed a long range rocket carrying warheads, aiming the United States. Read more

North Korea’s Rocket launch success in defiance of critics, marks with mass rally

North Korea Rocket launch 150x150 North Korea’s Rocket launch success in defiance of critics, marks with mass rallyAmid condemnation of other nations, especially U.S fearing of nuclear warhead, North Korea has successful in launch of a long-range rocket ‘Unha-3’ is orbiting normally.

Marking NKorea’s rocket launch as the most significant move in capital Pyongyang’s intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) long plan, hundreds of thousands of North Koreans- soldiers and civilians rallied today.

Just ahead of the first anniversary of Kim Jong-Un’s taking over the ruling and the death of new leader Kim Jong-Un’s father, all positioned in the square were in cheering mood glorify the country’s young ruler with organizing Read more

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