North Korea threatens U.S, vowing third nuclear test, more launches

North Korea today announced its plan to test nuclear weapon and more rocket launches against United States as the “sworn enemy” reasoning to tightened UN sanctions.

As per media reports, North Korea warned to launch a third nuclear test and cleared that it would also designed a long range rocket carrying warheads, aiming the United States.

The anti-US launch is the clear cut fact that show North Korea’s continuous nuclear program including a variety of satellites and long-range rockets. “We do not hide that the various satellites and long-range rockets we will continue to launch, as well as the high-level nuclear test we will proceed with, are aimed at our arch-enemy the United States,” National Defence Commission said, source said.

North Korea claimed to have right to when and wherever it could establish nuclear weapons program which it called a defence against US, the sworn enemy of the Korean people”.

North Korea’s new young leader Kim Jong Un who is seeming to be the toughest challenge for U.S. President Barack Obama is also expected to disappoint the Korena public with his aggressive political reforms.

“Settling accounts with the U.S. needs to be done with force, not with words as it regards jungle law as the rule of its survival,” the committee said while criticizing UN Security Council resolution that condemned North Korea’s launches after its December rocket launch.

Reports further said that the 15-member UN Security Council approved Resolution 2087 in order to sanctions against country’s space agency, condemning a ballistic launch.

“The resolution condemns the launch and reiterates the Security Council’s previous demands that North Korea abandon its nuclear weapons program and not proceed with further launches,” source said.

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