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Sri Lankan Resolution: All party meeting tonight, DMK slams UN

Amid Sri Lankan Tamils clamor, the UPA government has directed an all- party meeting to make final call on the draft of a resolution that to be move Parliament to pass. Read more

North Korea conducts third “Successful Nuke Test’, sparks UN flak

It has been seemed that North Korea is all set to enjoy another flak round from United Nation as the country announced that it had successfully carried out third underground nuclear test. Read more

North Korea threatens war with South

Airing more tensions in Peninsula, North Korea threatened to attack rival South Korea if it entered in a fresh round of tightening UN sanctions against Pyongyang. Read more

India joins UNHRC, votes against Sri Lanka

With 24 votes in favour, The UN Human Rights approved a US-led resolution on Thursday forcing Sri Lanka to conduct ” crime investigation”, claiming of war crime voilence during the credibly war against Tamil Tiger in 2009.

In the 47-member UN Human Rights Council, 15 states voted against the resolution, including China, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

These nation backed Sri Lanka voted against the UN-led resolutionat the UNHRC on alleged war crimes in the conflict with LTTE. Read more

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