North Korea conducts third “Successful Nuke Test’, sparks UN flak

It has been seemed that North Korea is all set to enjoy another flak round from United Nation as the country announced that it had successfully carried out third underground nuclear test.

Amid condemnation from UN and other neighbours countries, North Korea’s action would raise tensions among regions that may have to face the anger of US and Japan after violating tighter sanctions of UN resolution.

North Korea’s third test has detonated with “lighter, miniaturized atomic bomb” and nuclear device that as per reports contained plutonium.

Sources said that the test has taken place in a “safe and perfect manner” at a test site in the North Hamgyeong province, one of the greater explosive than the 2006 and 2009 tests.

A blast with estimating power of 6-7 Kiloton has triggered, however an earthquake is also detected in North Hamkyung province.

North Korea Nuclear test Kim Jong Un feb12 300x190 North Korea conducts third “Successful Nuke Test’, sparks UN flak

The nuke test under Kim Jong-Un -the third of his family to rule the country has shown North Korea’s goal of becoming a nuclear weapons power by building a warhead small enough to be placed on long-range missiles.

It is expected that recent test to be a challenge to the UN Security Council that violently undermines its peaceful, sovereign right to launch satellites, as well as power package for Kim Jong-Un.

Moreover, UN Spokesperson for Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon condemned the test, calling it a violation of the Security Council resolutions.

U.S. President Barack Obama described it a “highly provocative act”, said the test would not make secure the region, hurt stability. He also indicated nuclear programme a threat to U.S. security and confined to take necessary “swift” and “credible” international action.

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