Samsung working on Galaxy Altius smartwatch, screenshots leak

Being Continued with Apple vs Samsung, Korean company is reported to be working on a smart watch after similar report leaked of an iOS- curved glass screened wristwatch from Apple.

If we believe on new leaked images, Samsun’s forthcoming Smart watch named the ‘Galaxy Altius’.

Samsung Project J, codenamed Fortius, has taken ‘Galaxy Altius’ underway which is likely to come with an arm band.

Highlighting a new generation of devices altogether in ‘Altius family’, Samsung Smart Watch is expected to run on a beta version of the AltiusOS, would be a touchscreen with huge size of 2,3,or 5-inches, capable to bike mount.

Screen shots also revealed that there will be a series of tiles as like of the Windows Live Tiles interface including a music player, a digital clock and an email app.

There are no further details about Smart feature of Samsung Galaxy Altius as the company has not confirmed any such project work.

Moreover, it cleared that a tough competition on this year goes on between Samsung and Apple as ‘iWatch’ images rumored from Samsung just after a week of launch of Apple’s Smart Watch report.

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