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Indian Railways not to impose service tax from July 1, says Railway Minister Mukul Roy

The railway fares that had been hiked from July1under the new service tax regime, has postponed by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh by three months, on request of Railway Minister Mukul Roy, according to source report. “No hike has been effected on rail passenger fares from Sunday,” an official told reporters on Monday.

Service tax net may broaden further

As per 2012 budgetary report, it is seeking that the government keep 22 services in the negative list as all kinds of economic activities, barring goods, money and immovable property as like construction, health, entertainment, restaurants, non-AC rail fares,transport, toll, betting and gambling. All who are excepting to pay tax, now being charged on all [...]

Govt. reveals list of services to be kept out of tax

On Friday, The Pranabh Mukherjee, Finance Minister of India, took out a list from his bag of public services. Such a list is showing a hope to be tax free. Non-air conditioned second class train travel, health facilities, metro and monorail, public transport buses, metered taxis and three-wheelers, preschool and recognized education providers are among [...]