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India celebrates 66th Independence Day today

The proud people of the country are today celebrating 66th Independence Day today. on August 15, 1947, India becomes an independent nation. From then onwards, we are celebrating the day with proud and happiness. August 15, is a national holiday and the Prime Minister of the country raises the national flag at the Red Fort, [...]

Russian unmanned cargo ship docks with ISS

As per latest reports, after failing in its first test fly, an upgraded Russian unmanned spacecraft, Progress 47 successfully docks on second try and joined the International Space Station today and ready to test a new docking system. Russian space agency Roscomos said that this docking will test the new Kurs-NA rendezvous system that will [...]

Sunita Williams takes off on second space mission

According to latest reports, the Indo-American Sunita Williams has today taken off her second space odyssey. Earlier, Sunita Williams had lived and worked in the International Space Station [ISS] for six months in 2006. As per the statement released by NASA, it said, “The spacecraft carrying the 46-year-old Williams blasted off from the Baikonur Cosmodrome [...]

Indo-American Sunita Williams headed to space in July

Once again, the world record setting astronaut female, who’s record of the longest spaceflight (195 days) never broken by anyone till yet, is headed to the International Space Station a space mission in July, as per reports. Yes we are talking about Indian-American astronaut Sunita Williams. In 2006, Wiliams has spent her six months to [...]