ACP Vasant Dhoble raids massage parlour, seven girls rescued

The always making headlines ACP of Mumbai police officer Vasant Dhoble raided a massage parlour in the eastern suburb of Powai

Fresh reports released said that seven girls were rescued and sent for medical examination. In addition, the owner of the parlour was also arrested by the police for allegedly running a prostitution racket.

For a long time, the controversial police officer Vasant Dhoble hitting headlines of newspapers for raiding and assaulting restaurant staff across the city, be it at hip restaurants, small eateries, private parties, or dance bars.

However, at a juice bar at Vile Parle, the weapon of ACP was a hockey stick for assaulting the waiters.

While talking to media, ACP Dhoble said, “The police don’t frame the laws. The laws are framed by the legislators. The police’s job is to simply implement the laws.”

He said, “I was only targeting establishments and not the people.”

ACP said, “The patrons who visit such establishments need not worry.”