Akshay Kumar: ‘Oh My God’ is not made for Money

Akshay Kumar Oh My God 150x150 Akshay Kumar: Oh My God is not made for MoneyThe Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar has said in an interview that he has no profit-making goals for his upcoming film ‘Oh My God’. He said that he has made the film due to the passion for the story but not for money.

He told media that the film is inspired by Gujarati play “Kanji Virrudh Kanji”.

The actor said, “’Oh My God’ is not a film which I made to earn money. It’s a film which I loved, enjoyed it because I enjoyed the play and what I learnt from the play, I just wanted to share with the audience and that is why I just made this film.

The 45-years-old action hero said, “So there is no expectation from this film, whatever is going to happen. I’m sure people are going to enjoy because it’s not a preachy thing. Paresh Rawal is not a baba, he is just having fun in the film and I am having fun, that’s it.”

The story of the film resolves around an atheist who faces huge losses when his antique shop is destroyed by an earthquake. Akshay added that the film does not hurt anyone’s religious sentiments.

He said, “This film has got a ‘U’ certificate, without cuts. Obviously, the censor board has watched the film very carefully so that it does not hurt anyone’s sentiments. This is about a man’s belief which we have brought on the screen and it is not like you have to believe or pray in this particular way.”

Akshay Kumar will be seen in the role of Lord Krishna in ‘Oh My God’ and the film will release on September 28.

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