Ashmit follows Veena, appears nude on Magazine photo cover

In a sensational news, Bollywood actor Ashmit Patel has finally managed to bring himself in headlines as he chose to appear nude on a magazine photo cover.

It is said in reports that the actor Ashmit is on a workout fling and has made a superb body that he wanted to show to his fans.

Further, the magazine photoshoot appeared to be a good chance to show his fitness to media, as well as appearing on a magazine cover dedicated to health. The actor also managed to persuade one and all about the effort he has been putting into the gym.

In a black and white picture, the actor seen bare with just an undergarment in his hands. Now, people have started saying that Ashmit followed Veena Maliks’s foot print.

Earlier, the Pakistani actress Veena Malik also appeared nude in a magazine cover photo, and created much headlines.

The Pakistani actress posed nude on a magazine cover for FHM Magazine and got herself into quite some trouble.

On the other hand, Ashmit is quite sure that his photo is harmless and will not create any such trouble to him. No doubt, even bad publicity is also a part of publicity.

We can only say to Ashmit that all the best for your coming life, and hope so that his fab body will be noticed by his fans, or he may get a role in films as well.

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