Binge drinking leads to higher stroke risk at young age

Heavy drinking 150x150 Binge drinking leads to higher stroke risk at young ageToo much drinking or even those consumes more than three drinks of pure alcohol per day are lead to higher risk of brain bleeding, much early at young age in life than non-drinkers.

Lille Nord de France study revealed that the stroke called intracerebral hemorrhage is much deep in brain and heavy drinkers less than 60 are likely to die by such strokes within maximum two years of follow-up than non binge drinkers.

The stroke which is caused by bleeding in the brain, where ruptured blood vessels leak blood rather by blood clotting is much early experienced by heavy drinkers at an average age of 60, even 14 years early than patients who are not drinking a lot.

Heavy drinking affect the ability of blood to clot and not only suffered by younger, even a relatively healthy and those who have no past record of such type of big drinking timeline, may suffer more severe form of stroke at a younger age at any affected location due to consumption of large amount of alcohol.

Even they are suffered by a worse prognosis.

“Our study focuses on the effects of heavy alcohol use on the timeline of stroke and the long-term outcome for those people,” study author Charlotte Cordonnier said.

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