Bipasha Basu shares emotions on Twitter

The hot and sexy Bollywood actress Bipasha Basu had an emotional moment this morning.

The actress posted on her Twitter wall, “One of those days when u wake up a lil vulnerable and feeling a lot!Happens to all I guess:)”

It is quite emotional confession by the actress on twitter.

The actress is ready with her upcoming film ‘Raaz 3, releasing on September 7.

She tweets saying, “THANK YOU.To God,To Family,To Friends and All of You who make me feel like the special one always..”

The actress also gave her mother a shout out, tweeting, “All thru growing up years we rebel against wht our mom says n always later realise that everything tht she always says is only fr our good. Being a good daughter is what I want to be always:)To make her proud of me forever:)”

If talked about the film, Raaz 3 is a horror-thriller and Bipasha plays a role of a fading actress who turns to black magic to make herself a top actress.

The actress will be the part of Zee TV’s Fear Files, and she will talk about her real life experience. She said, “Memories of those days still manage to send a chill down my spine.”

So, don’t miss the Fear Files this Sunday on Zee TV.

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