CAG Vinod Rai report on Chopper Deal soon, calls UPA men bullies

In a major setback on Rs. 3600crore VVIP Chopper Deal Scandal, the Comptroller and Auditor General Vinod Rai will now take the charge of the controversial procurement of helicopters by the government’s department of defence.

Sources said, Mr. Rai said that his office was auditing the VVIP AgustaWestland chopper contract and will very soon come out with a report, but “don’t know when it will be completed. I am not aware about the stage of audit”.

Pointing the need for executive accountability in India, Mr. Rai said the government’s response had misguided due to situation to deteriorate as well as huge gap between honesty and integrity that were sometimes compromised.

CAG will also looking Aadhaar programme in which public money through the government has invested to issue unique identity numbers to Indian residents.

2012 is a defining year for Rai which debunked the myth of silent majority that can no more be bullied by the minority. He urged the urban middle-class to prove themselves and being united for a cause.

Asking about his move to come in politics, Rai who would be retire in May this year said that all was depend on time.

As per him, the political class lacked ethics and integrity. “They are more articulate and aggressive than the silent majority…… But, the times have changed….but, the so called people who have the mandate, are typical what I would call, bullies. The majority has to be consistent in their efforts to see the changes in the system,” he said, as per source.

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